Broadband setup charges

Broadband setup costs, it is not normal to have set-up costs for Broadband via a phone line, there will be a charge by the service provider for the Modem Router, unless you decide to purchase your own.

If you are unable to get Broadband through a phone line and you go for one of the other options such as WiMax or Satellite there will be installation charges from the Service Provider.

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TELEPHONE line setup charges

What are the charges for a fixed phone? If you have phone line to the property that can be activated then France Telecom will always charge an activation fee of €55.00, if from the information supplied the property can not be identified the an Engineer will have to visit the property, for this France Telecom will make an additional charge of €69.00.

Where a property does not have a phone line attached to the house France Telecom will send an Engineer after this they will then give a quote for a line to be connected. The quote will vary in cost depending on the amount of work required, in some instances it is just a simple cable from a post nearby in other cases it involves digging a trench. It can be very expensive and in these cases other options should be looked at, we can help with this.

DIAL-UP INTERNET setup charges

Dial-up Internet Pay as you go! We can arrange a Dial-up Internet service for you.

We can often arrange this the same day or within 24hrs.