How It Works

  1. When you make an initial enquiry for Phone or Broadband or both we will make some initial enquiries to establish what services are available to you.
  2. For those that already have a fixed phone line in France we can advise you if Broadband is available to you and what speed is possible.
  3. Once we have all the information to hand we will advise you of the next step and what our Fee's will be for activating the service for you. Our Fee's include a support package see details below or click here
  4. As part of our service we are able to offer advice on the best options for you, some people want a short term contract particularly relevant for holiday homes, some want a cheap call package or maybe TV via the Internet. Therefore as part of the service will discuss your requirements in detail, and explain what options are available to you to enable you to make on informed decision.
  5. Also as part of the service we will advise you of the information required for your Phone Line and or Internet to be setup and activated, where forms are required to be completed we will email or post them to you and advise on how to complete them.
  6. We will on your behalf contact the service provider and arrange for the service you have decided on to be activated. We will be the link between you and them making sure that your wishes are complied with.
  7. Where Broadband is not available through a phone line we will find a suitable alternative for you.  

See below the support services that are provided as part of the package we provide.


  1. Once an application is made on your behalf for Phone or Internet or a combination of the two, we will advise on the date of activation, and keep you informed of progress. If there are any issues during activation we will advise you and then discuss the best way to resolve them.
  2. Once activation is complete we will continue full Telephone and e-mail support until the system is operating to your satisfaction.
  3. You may need advice on setting up the Modem Router, or accessing WiFi, we will help you on all these matters. ( On request we can provide a set of instructions in PDF format for setting up the Orange Livebox). For other Modem Routers we offer verbal advice.
  4. As part of the package we provide you with a Guide in PDF format on how to Terminate your Internet contract at the end of the Season or if at some stage you wish to Terminate the Contract for what ever reason. We can also supply a Guide on how to Deactivate and Activate your phone (This only applies to those with Holiday Home contracts " Ligne Residence Secondaire " )
  5. Contact details: 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail: